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February 17th

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My Latest Project

Thought I'd take a moment and share my current project. This is the tree of life afghan from the Lion Brand website. So far I've been having a blast with it.

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12 days to go!

Hey Guy's
Only 12 days to go until opens.
Visit and crete an account before the 1st March and you'll recieve a welcome voucher!

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What a deal!!!

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Washable wool

I'm interested in hearing about the experiences of others using washable or "superwash" wool.

February 16th

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Yarn Forward Previews

Pictures, purchase options....

(This post has been edited, I received word that the next pattern will be in issue #24, NOT #23!!!)

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Yarn Forward Covers...

Some commenters asked for pictures..... here is a foto of the magazine covers. I'll ask the editor to find out if I can post photos of the patterns....hopefully more to come soon!


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My Patterns in Yarn Forward

Hey Guys!
Long time no post, I know. I had all but given up on designing and hadn't touched the needles in over half a year...

February 15th

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Losing a LYS

OK, guys - here's the dilemma... I live in Southwest Florida, and the only yarn shop within about a 40 mile radius is going to be closing at the end of April.

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Newest project

I want you to know that I don't just sit around idly all the time. I always have something I am working on in my hands, and that is usually my spinning on the CD spindle.

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Help (Again)

Is someone able to direct me to a site that gives you an estimation of how much yarn one needs to knit a sweater.