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First Commission

Well, it's been a little while since I've posted anything on here, things always seem to get busy around February I guess. So this is my first commissioned project: a nice hooded scarf.

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My first knitted F.O.

It’s my first Man-Made Rug. It’s made of all-jute gardening twine from India. Each ball of 208 ft. cost me $1.49 at my local hardware store so it was a very inexpensive project.

cobweb lace spinning

Decision making is not my forte'. I am a doer and procrastinator. Yet somehow I managed to get through spinning this cobweb lace a bit ago. Another first for me is swatching.

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My First Knitting Project

It has been a time since I have knitted my first project. I think it turned out very well considering a few things. The entire project was knit from the back stitch.

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After a week end of workshop with knitted technique in Brussels...
I have made a flower...

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Taxation WITH Representation

...representing knitting!!! (of course)

Let's see...

36 skeins of mixed media (different types of yarn...wool and other stuff) at Central Yarn Shop in Portland, Maine