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Not sure where to start looking...

So, I've finished and felted by first set of clogs. They came out great, but...

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Hey all your pikers!!

And if y'all don't know what a piker is... look it up.

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Sweater Murse...

Hey guys! This is the sweater bag I was telling you about. The only thing I have left is the lining and to figure out what sort of closure I want to use.

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giving away a new pattern

Hey guys I just thought I would tell you that if your looking for a new project, I'm offering my Simple Elegance as a free with donation pattern :-)

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Way OT

But I don't care. I didn't really think I was an ice dancing fan until I saw these two.

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Fiber Arts Tour

This is so exciting - I've booked myself a PERU TEXTILE AND ALPACA TOUR. This July, a two week tour of textiles, textile museums and alpaca ranches. A little Machu Picchu on the side.

free felt clog pattern

So although the fibre trends pattern looks very intriguing and certainly worth the $5 that one might spend on it, I am on a very tight budget.