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January 26th

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Pharaoh's Crown Hat

The fun continues as I transfigure stash to hats. This one's off the top of my head for on the top of my head; or maybe I'm just off my head.

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Long time since i have posted a blog on here..

hey guys,

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Amsterdam Lace Scarf by Jennifer L. Jones

This is an easy, fast and fun pattern. It doesn't take a lot of yarn and it's a great travel project. I like it mostly because it's basic and not fussy at all.

January 25th

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Shetland Kilthose pattern

I think I deleted the pattern by mistake from my blog a couple of days past. Here it is again!

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To think I knew her when....

a friend of mine was on ELLEN today....

She handled herself very well and Ellen's reaction was priceless!

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Handturned circular needles

the pictures of my handturned wooden circular needles seem to have disappeared from the site, so I'm posting them again. One set is rosewood, the other kingwood (similar to mesquite).

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l.a. knitters fro haiti

hey guys,

this saturday the local chapter of project linus is asking for a one-day crank out blankets for haiti children. we are meeting in pasadena.

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Any crocheters out there?

So after about 18 months of knitting, scarfs, hats, socks and sweaters, I wanted to do a blanket. A friend thought I was crazy for trying to knit one and suggested to try crocheting.

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fairisle in the round

Good Morning all,

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Pictures! New Beanie! New Yarn Shop! Anyone in LA?

So I've finally gotten my janky camera to work... sorta... I really need something new... it's driving me nuts! The pictures of the 2 other mini mochi beanies I made are below...