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January 30th

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Finished Baby Hats

I'm gearing up to knit a few more (baby hats) for a newly married family member who is now going to be a new father!

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Knitting Project Bag from Recycled T-Shirts

So just recently I came across a blog that showed projects made from plarn (plastic yarn) and tarn (t-shirt yarn) and I thought that the idea of

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After my last blog post about how the finishing of a client's sweater on 15mm (US 19!!!!) needles made me feel like I was knitting with, forgive me, dildos, I had mused about the challenge of designin

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Free glittens pattern?

I'm looking for a free pattern for glittens (fingerless gloves with mitten cover). My Google searching is starting to get...well, irritating. Please help if you can. Thanks!

Patrick :)

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Finished Objects - No Pics :-(

It has dawned on me that I haven't posted on here in forever... though I check and read the site almost daily.

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Yeay - just finished the Erika Knight Funnel neck sweater.

I really love this New Zealand wool too - it is going to be such a warm jumper.

I was too impatient and haven't blocked it yet.

January 29th

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Man-Made Rugs

I have this fantasy of belonging to a men’s rug-making collective called “Man-Made Rugs: rugs for men, by men” or maybe just “Man-Made Rugs”.

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Nook - with clothes on...

I thought that might get your attention :-)

Finally managed to accomplish a decent cover for the Nook JJ gave me for Christmas!

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Caprican Socks

January 28th

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Am I Doubting Myself or Can This be True?

So, having finished that evil BSJ, I am off to work on the Carlito Cardigan. I think I must be getting used to the way I knit and the yarn that I use, Cascade 220.