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November 22nd

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Ms Zimmermann

Ok Men

Want to look at the whole Top Down approach to knitting - so many of you have mentioned Elizabeth Zimmermann.

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I just can't get enough sox.

It's come to that. I've been digging through my box of old sweaters and socks to repair. I'm turning old holey sweaters into socks so I can work outside with toasty feet.

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Knitting on a loom?

Anyone here knit on a loom (I think that is what it is called). My daughter is 5 (almost 6) and wants to knit with me. I have tried to help her, but she just can't hold the needles and yarn etc.

November 21st

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Three Sweaters and Fred Powell's Schaatsen Mutts

The brown sweater was knit with Jamieson and Smith Sheland DK (discontinued) on 4mm needles. I have no idea why I tacked down the neckband with white wool!!

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Oh that's scary

My last blog entry was on my Birthday...almost 9 months ago. Shame on me.

Still here, alive and wellish.

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Just for Bill :)

Rachel's scarf.

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Bazaar success

Well I did my first Bazaar on Thursday and it was a minor success. I did not have many items due to the designing deadline.

November 20th

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Daybreak 3

Today I got round to photographing my latest Daybreak by Stephen West. It's a scarf for Rachel, the daughter of a friend, and she told me her favourite colours were pink and orange.

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One of my first dishcloth.

Okay, I am now addicted to making dishcloths. I am getting a sense of accomplishment as they are quick to finish. I am really enjoying working with cotton.

November 19th

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My First Steek! Ahhhhhh!!!