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Alright boys... I'm lost been gone too long. Someone update me on what and has been going on around this place. Have missed y'all so write and tell me what is going on.

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From Green to Burgundy

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Big Box Knitting

So Phillip and I are in Orlando for the winter, camped out at a cute little cottage in College Park complete with a Mediterranean courtyard and enough space for Mario the cat to run from window to win

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Back from Vacation

I am just back last week from a fantastic vacation to Egypt - what an amazing trip. In the end, I decided not to try to bring knitting with me for several reasons ...

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It Gets Better

I shed enough tears and finally dried my eyes and added my voice to the mix.


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I Have just looked at alice starmores Aran book on amazon. Does anyone know it, and more importantly, does it contain a fair amount of mens sweaters?