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Yarn Swift Obsession... Project Updates... and Photo Anxiety...

So... even though I have all of these projects waiting to be started/completed, I still manage to obsess over the one thing I really wanted, but didn't get for Christmas... a Yarn Swift...

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men who knit blog post love

check out this great post - shows an awesome knitting related tattoo on a guy's chest :)

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Hat a day continued

My computer died, so I have to be creative how I download photos. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to download to this page.

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The Husband Scarf

For Chirstmas I gave my husband two hanks of Cascade 220 tweed - does he knit? No. Our deal was that everything we gave each other would be something we could both enjoy.

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You Just Can't Keep A Good "Stick" Insect Down!

Hey Guys!!!!!!!!

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Traditional Maine Clamdigger's Hat

This is my adaptation of the traditional Maine Clamdigger's Hat.

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here we go..

Well I said I was going to put down the needles for January and just enjoy the beach

Didn't quite happen that way!! Surprise surprise.