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Knitting Flat on a Circular

So I've been looking into bigger projects to expand my horizons in 2010, and one project I would love to try is an afghan (found it on Ravelry, it's the Winter Lace Afghan from Lion Brand).

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My First Entry... Projects I'm about to begin...

So... the road to starting an ETSY store is rockier than I thought it would be... right now I have about 4 standing orders for stuff...

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A Couple of Sweater Questions

Dudes: I'm so excited. My first ever sweater is almost finished. Well actually, it's my third sweater. The first was an utter failure and is in a pile in the back of a closet somewhere.

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If Russell Crowe can be a knit, so can I!

Funny - this article is on the London Daily Mail site, but in