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spam filter

I keep trying to submit an entry about the jacket I just finished, with photo attachments, and I get a message that I've triggered the spam filter block! Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

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Finished jacket from hell

I finally finished a jacket that I've been working on for three years. I don't like stranded knitting--I'm slow, dropping the yarn and picking up the other one rather than two handed.

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Oliver Sock Done

What you see in the first picture is the clever design that is on top of the foot. YOu can also see the nice seam illusion that it creates in the middle of the sole.

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HELP HELP HELP sunday felting chaos

Hi guys,

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left leaning decrease observation

When performing a left leaing decrease on a piece that is knit densely, like socks, I always do an SSK but I slip as if to knit on the first slip and as if to purl on the second rather then both as if

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Finished Baby Blanket

I'm a relatively new knitter (just started in November) but I'm definitely addicted!

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I'm back... maybe

In about 5 months I have knit a total of 1 foot on a simple ribbed scarf, which translates to knitting about 10 rows once a week or less and months at a time where I haven't knit 1 stitch.

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Men's Knitting Retreat - Puerto Vallarta 2010

what a fun trip - here we are knitting on the beach in Puerto Vallarta...

Chuck Blank, John Silowsky, Chuck Wilmesher, Kyle Kunnecke, and Kenny Chua!