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December 9th

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Galactica Actual A Ravelry Swap Video

I just wanted to share a great swap that I am involved in oe of the groups from Ravelry. If you are a Galactica Fan you will enjoy this group and we can definitely use some more guys, lol!

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Absolute Last Chance for the 2010 Knit Along

All, will take requests for joining the knit along through the end of this week, had someone ask if they can still join.

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Ultimate Sweater machine

Who's tried machine knitting?

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increase on raglan sweater

So I made one top down raglan sweater and during the process it said to increase a stitch before and after a marker. It didn't say how, and I did knit front and back.

December 8th

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Back after a long absence

Hi all, back after a long absence owing to work nightmare stress. All other projects stopped and it was just a question of making it through the day.

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Knitting and some OT

Don is doing well with his knitting but struggling with being left handed.

December 7th

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Escapades in Learning to Knit: Knitting from the Back

I proudly took my first knitting project to the Men’s group yesterday. I was a bit early, so I sat and worked on it a bit. I think it is coming along at a rather nice pace.

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OK, I give

What does this mean?!!!!

"You can't request more than 20 challenges without solving them. Your previous challenges were flushed."

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Interesting article on CNN website

I especially liked the bus...

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I blame Nina Garcia

(For those who don't know, she's a judge on PROJECT RUNWAY famous for critiquing that a garment wasn't properly "finished".)