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January 9th

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Huge Socks

Well, I finally got around to uploading a picture of the socks I knit for my friend Ruben, they're just basic but since I had to write the pattern and only had measurements to go by (he refused to c

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Scarf Exchange

Here is the Scarf that was knit for me. Along with the goodies that were sent also.

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Sweaters For The Head

Here's a few more hats that I finished, and a cowl for good measure.

Hope you like them.


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Don't you hate it when your dog messes with your balls!

Well I've made a bit of a start on the sweater, actually it's a 'walking jacket' sounds rather posh doesn't it.

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New Yarn

Just after the new year I picked up these yarns I had spun by a local spinning mill from my alpacas.

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Tuck's Newest Sweater

After finishing up my Japanese Vogue sweater, I decided to use the leftovers plus a contrast color I also had left over in stash to make

January 8th

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second set of X-mas stockings

as mentioned in the previous post:

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MWK Scarf Exchange

Today I received a package from my secret knitter. Ironically, it came just as I started packing the box to send the scarf I knitted to my exchangee.

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You've GOT to see this video!


I have no words...I can't think of any.

You just gotta watch it.