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January 15th

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Knitting Bag Review (short)

About 2 years ago, just before I got pulled away from knitting, I bought a new knitting bag, my first. It was a Jordana Paige messenger bag.

January 14th

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New here

Ok, So hey there everyone, just thought I would get this whole blog thing started, I will get pictures up of the projects I am working on as soon as I get a chance ie; when the nephews stop running ar

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Hemmed neck help needed

I am trying to decipher this from Knitting in the Old Way: "Pick up stitches around the shaped neck...double the desired depth, fold the band in half to the inside, and work the neck stitches off one

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Need a little help

Ok so I am getting ready to start knitting for next winter, (this will be the first time I do charity knitting, every year I do crochet because I'm much faster at it) to send off hats and scarfs to

New project and lessons learned

After finishing the Christmas knitting, my wife has corralled me into doing a couple of baby blankets for friends who are expecting.

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Just finished

I just finished this felted satchel/man swag from a pattern I downloaded from I decided to add the blanket stitch to give the edges a finished look. Fun what?

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clay and yarn

Can't seem to get enough!

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hands always busy

another clay creation

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creations without yarn

I have been inspired by other members and their are a few pics of what my hands create when they're not busy knitting.

January 13th

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The Knitting Zone : Fact or Fiction?

So a very odd thing happened the other day; I was able to knit up an entire skein of yarn into half a scarf without ever actively thinking about what I was doing.