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September 28th

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Pattern Question

Dudes, What up?

September 27th

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I feel like a beginner again!!

I picked up some EZ and Meg Swanson DVDs at the library and have started to watch some of them. All I can say is "wow!" I feel like I'm in kindergarten.

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Lace Ribbon Scarf

This is the Lace Ribbon scarf, pattern by Veronik in Aplacas D'Auxvasse 100% Suri Alpaca.

September 26th

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Slip Stitches and Garter Stitch

Recently I have been experimenting with using slip stitches to create rows of two colors.

September 25th

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Jazz Pullover

Here is my latest jumper. It is the Jazz Pullover from the “Simply Shetland” pattern book. It is 36 stitch x 97 row pattern repeat done on 3.25 mm needles with 2-ply Shetland wools.

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FYI: Belly Button start for circular knitting

Do you guys know about this.

September 24th

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Raffle for Marriage Equality

Crossposting this from Ravelry, since I figure not everyone will see it there:

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Chevron Scarf

This is the Chevron scarf from Arctic Lace. The yarn is hand dyed Merino Super Sport from Southwest Weaving. I love this kind of geometric lace.

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Sleepless in Sesttle

Work takes me Pacific Northwest ( Oct 21- Nov 2). Help ! Any and all knitting related stuff and locations needed. I hope I do not have to expierence a knitting void while there !

September 22nd

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Ok - first beanie. Much faster and easier than I thought.