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EZ's obituary from The New York Times

Wikipedia actually says that EZ was the first knitter to be honored with a full obituary in The New York Times. Here it is in all of its glory:

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To Wooly Board or Not?

I'm thinking that I might need a wooly board. However, I have read, on someone's blog, that you can only use them for sweaters with drop shoulders. Is this correct?

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Contented Knitting

There is something very comforting in knitting a project that is big enough to keep your lap warm. My current sweater project got to that length a few days ago.

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Unfinished Snake

Snake is unfinished but wanted to share the picture with you.

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Unfinished Hedgehog

Hi i'm designing this one at the moment for the book.

The hedgehog will have a green stripe sweater when completed.

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So I should have been in the US right now on holiday, but instead I was offered a graduation project I just could not refuse.