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August 7th

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XOXOXO Fingers

I am not going to finish these with tip, it will be opened at the end just because I want to see what that feels like, I can always finish the tips later if I want to in crochet or knit.

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Book Sale!

I saw that Knit Picks is running a sale of 40% off on all books through August 17th.

I'm thinking about stocking up and have a couple of questions...

What books do you consider indispensible?

August 6th

Misplaced stash

When knitting this sweater for my older son, I couldn't find some of the wool I had purchased, and had to purchase more.

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This pattern has mittens, but I want gloves.

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My first blog post

Ok, so what's the big deal about blogging?

August 5th

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I've tried my hand at double knitting before; and I really like it. But I really couldn't figure out how to incorporate color work into it. Now, I finally figured it out thanks to an online tutorial.

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XOXOXO Hat Finished

I am working on this combo from the Briar Rose Fibers Pattern. I think that I will change the way the mittens look and maybe make them fingerless, but we shall see it is early in the month yet lol!

August 4th

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Rocky Mountain Hi...

Calling out to guys in Colorado !!!!

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First Baby Surprise Jacket

Finally did this in July after being inspired by the many that have already taken the plunge. Totally fascinated with the structure of the project.

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Cool Enough To Knit?

At long last the weather has cooled down enough to knit. Picked up my sister's birthday sweater again. However, being the ever active educator, I'm stuck at a three day conference.