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August 9th

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Ok, after three scarves I have decided to tackle my first Jumper – Joukahainen.

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I could just cry..........

So I have been knitting away at these stupid bags (I'll post pictures after they have been washed) and they have taken me forever, it was my first attempt at a lace pattern (I was recently informed

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My Mom Loves me...

Or atleast the things I make for her.

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It's Not Theoretical Physics, But String Theory Came In Handy

Grawity? No effect on zee fabric of Space, but zee varping of zee veft vas intense!

August 8th

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I need help, please!

So, I've decided to make a beret/ tam type of hat, and I'm using an easy lace pattern that doesn't seem to be hard. It's...
R1: k2tog, k1, yo* rep to end
R2: k

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XOXOXO Right Glove

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Another distraction..

..from finishing my Fair Isle sweater and lace projects.

August 7th

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Nothing to post

Just wanted an opportunity to show off my new profile pic!

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Pinwheel Blanket Finished!

A friend showed me a baby blanket she made for her new daughter - I instantly fell in love with this pattern and after her convincing me how easy it was (it IS easy!) I decided to take a collection of

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cable help, please.

So I am working on my very first cable project (a scarf). I messed up 2 rows about 4 rows ago.