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August 12th

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My stash from Iceland

So we returned last weekend and I came back with 17 skeins of yarn! All the Lopi brand - 10 of the Alafoss (somewhat bulky) and 7 of the light. And all for under $50!!

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Still here and alive

We didn't burn, thank god. Thank you for all the kind posts about our welfare. My wife was moved to tears.

Really, Thanks you so much!

August 11th

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Beret: C'est tres frances!

So, I have now finished the beret that i had started.

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Eärë (Seascape)

Eärë (Seascape), originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Started: 08th August 2008
Finished: 01st May 2009
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Lace
Yarn: GGH "Kid Melange", colour 004, lot 8002451
Pattern: Seascape by Kieran Foley from Knitty Summer 2008 issue
Modifications: I added extra repeats to make the stole longer.
Notes: "Eärë" is Quenya for "The Open Sea"...closest I could think of coming to "Seascape".

August 10th

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Winding and pulling balls

I typically hand-wind my balls and pull them from the outside.

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Stitch Markers

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Knitting a border on separately... out loud so far.

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Pegasus XOXOXO Set Done

August 9th

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Scrap Top Down Raglan

After finishing my pinwheel blanket, I had (have) so much yarn left over in this color family that was already hacked and used that I can't do much else with it but freeform or random striped knitting

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BSJ disappointment.

I have just finished my second BSJ and I am really disappointed. The first one I made looked really great, so I was excited to make another, but this looks like something the cat dragged in.