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August 14th

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The Love That Dare Not Change It's Name or Phone Number

With acknowledgment to MMario's comment below:

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Men's Health Fall '09 Guide to Style

So I got this free subscription somehow and the issue I just got (September 2009) includes a Fall Guide to Style.

August 13th

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It's been a while

Ok it's been a while since I have been on here. Been cleaning the apt and reorganizing all the stuff my wife and I have.

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Some newly spun yarn

One of the older ladies I know has been cleaning out her basement so she can have some room to move around, and came across a bag of some wool.

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A Gift For..., maybe?

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OK I give....

You may remember a few months ago, I completed a behemoth wool afghan. The bad new is that it's yet to be washed. I'm not quite sure how to attack it.

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Muir Shawl

This is the Muir shawl from the Fall 2007 edition. I knit it using US 2 needle and 680 yards of 8/2 Tencel yarn. At the $1.85 per ounce price this yarn cost the shawl was cheap!!

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Hats I knitted in Iceland (and on the plane)

Here's a shot of two hats I did on the Lopi light yarn.

August 12th

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Unikat Entrelac Scarf Done

At our last MFKR we had the joy of learning Entrelac, in this case garterlac with Brian Kohler. He is the designer of this scarf. The scarf is blocking right now is so beautiful.

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Noro socks

I've said I love Noro for its colors. This colorway is the best yet!