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Some newly spun yarn

One of the older ladies I know has been cleaning out her basement so she can have some room to move around, and came across a bag of some wool.

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A Gift For..., maybe?

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OK I give....

You may remember a few months ago, I completed a behemoth wool afghan. The bad new is that it's yet to be washed. I'm not quite sure how to attack it.

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Muir Shawl

This is the Muir shawl from the Fall 2007 edition. I knit it using US 2 needle and 680 yards of 8/2 Tencel yarn. At the $1.85 per ounce price this yarn cost the shawl was cheap!!

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Hats I knitted in Iceland (and on the plane)

Here's a shot of two hats I did on the Lopi light yarn.