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July 9th

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My Demon Enablers do me proud......

Once upon a time there was a picture of a fiddle head fern....

July 8th

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OMG! Ball Winder and Swift

Came home from the National Ed Association meeting to find that my swift and ball winder had arrived.

July 7th

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Back In Our Respective Places

So the big trip is over. Eric Paul is safely back in Long Beach and I am land-locked in Kansas. The visit went so well, we laughed, knit, had cocktails, laughed more and cocktailed even more.

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funeral services

I decided to respond to the question about the funeral services for Jason in a seperate blog entry.

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Well I made it safe and sound to Germany and so far I love it here, Opladen is small filled with old buildings an quiet.

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Washington DC until the 10th

Any meetups going on in DC this week? I was thinking about heading over to the Capitol Hill Stitches sometime Wednesday to peruse and fondle yarn. Any other good stores I can get to via Metro?

July 5th

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Life Before the Cure - sweater done (and finally photographed!)

I finished this sweater in May but I'm just getting around to taking photos of it. Here's what I wrote on my website about the process:

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Tauron Donegal Socks FO

This is the end product of my third pair of socks. I used two circulars and made them both at the same time. It was fun and I learned a lot.

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My first pair of socks!

I just completed my first pair of socks!. I have learned 2 things from this project. 1) I do not have a sock fetish. Nope, not me. Socks do absolutely nothing for me.

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It's summer time...

I hope a no too hot summer...
have a nice summer...