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July 13th

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Mary had a little sweater

... with fleece not quite as white as snow.

July 12th

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Zimmermann's Tomten jacket............

I was inspired by Vsidart's "Baby Surprise Jacket" and as soon as I FIND my pattern, think that I should start one. In the meantime I pulled out EZ's "Knitting Without Tears".

July 11th

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Anyone in Iowa?

Next Friday I'll be leaving for Iowa to ride my 3rd Ragbrai ( It's a southern route this year that hugs just below I-80....

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Christmas Comes Earlier and Earlier Every Year

I wanted to take a moment and show off the Christmas Stocking that Vsidart made for me. He brought it when he came to Kansas a couple of weeks ago and I thought it looked FANTASTIC!

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"JOG" line

I remember once running across a technique somewhere for eliminating the "jog" line that occurs in round knitting where the round joins. Does anyone know anything about this?

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My First BSJ

Just cast this off... still need to block it-
Only three days on needle!
Picked up the yarn in Gove City, Kansas.
Did I really just type that?

July 10th

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Knitting slippers

Does anybody have a pattern for knitting slippers? I'd be much obliged to learn about it if you do.

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Jack Checkley, an 80-year-old retired teacher...

Got this in my email today. Thought you all might enjoy seeing it.

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Aeolian Shawl WIP

A group at my LYS is doing this as a knit-a-long. I think we're slated to finish in 2011. Lace and fully beaded. Pattern is from I'm using Jaegerspun Zephyr (Cinnabar).

July 9th

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OK, Next stop, Toronto (or Mississauga)

I will be in Mississauga (at the end of the YYZ runway more-or-less) Sunday evening through Friday. Anyone wanting to get together to knit or yarn-crawl in the evening, give me a shout.