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That'll teach me to start a project with multiple colors without testing how the joins work. This yarn seems to resist felting (because 40% is silk) and Russian join likes to fail rather easily. The only successful join tactic I've discovered is knotting, and I *#$%ing hate knotting. I'm so paranoid the knots will come undone, and since this is a scarf I'm going to be selling, I am just staring at it all the time thinking, "Yeah....." I'll just keep my fingers crossed and keep the $30 bucks until ample time has passed in the winter season. LMAO

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Admire it, son !

Attached is a Tubular 2 x 2 cast on I REALLY Like....see what you think !

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2 x 2

Hey guys, has anyone found a better 2 x 2 Tubular cast-on...than shifting stitches around after they are on the needle ? I have found a few but, NOTHING GREAT ! Knots do abound !