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I saw a shawl that I'm trying to copy - it was a simple trianglular shawl knit in stockinette (with a knit on border - which I figured out) but every eighth row was a drop stitch except the drops ran

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My name is Mill and I'm a Sock Addict

I can't stop making socks! I'm sure I'll get this out of my system after a couple of more pairs. Right?

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Round and round in circles

I am wonderfully happily burried in my first really large crochet project at the moment. While it is crochet, I have to say it still feels like some kind of knitting to me... the fibre, the needle or in this case a hook, and the rhythm of each stitch. So I feel no guilt for sharing this story on this site.

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my new t-shirt

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Cast off recommendations?

Hey all-
Getting to the bottom of a top down, 2k 3p ribbed sweater in a beautiful Cascade 220 purple, and I'm debating the cast off...