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2009 Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat

THE FOLLOWING IS A COPY OF THE RAVELRY POSTING FROM TODD GOCKEN WHO IS SPEAR-HEADING THE MIDWEST RETREAT. If you have any questions, you can also communicate with me (Thor) here on Men Who Knit.

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When I Need To Damage The Cause Of My Knitting Obsession!

Now, back to work on those humans who cause me stress.

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North Sea Shawl

The North Sea Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls. This was a great pattern - Cheryl really knows how to write an easy to follow no nonsense pattern.

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Hello Out There

So, I haven't placed a blog since I had this account. I was playing around with some yarn that I got from the Dollar Store and was working on a free handed sweater, that turned into a dress.

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Another Aspen Leaf Shawl

My wife wore a shawl I made for her on a recent trip to her mother's. Her mother said she'd really like to have something like that to wear, so here it is.

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OT: My Nephew is Here!

My nephew Alex arrived yesterday. He has moved to the great Pacific Northwest to finish his engineering degree. I'm soooo excited. He has turned into such a nice young man.

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LYS closing up shop

Hey Everybody,

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Something I found;_ylt=Am5UdK9P3j4SdrVWCC6F6UYuNLB_

Not earth-shattering news, but pertains to knitting nevertheless.

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Gift anyone?

A couple of months ago, I treated myself on some Sublime cashmere merino silk combo, dk weight for 2 different projects.

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Oh Joy! Oh Ecstacy! Oh Rapture! - The Thrill of Monotony

In my 56 years on this planet, I have physically moved my residence, at this count, over 49 times. I suppose that says something - not sure yet if denial will fade on the self-examination process.