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June 15th

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DPNS and the Freedom Hat

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A question of Knitting hardware

I am going to do it... I am going to ask one of those "can-of-worms" questions..... What are the best needles to knit with? I have my own opinion, and I am sure everyone else on here does.... but is there such a thing as "The ONE best set of needles?"

June 14th

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So I am celebrating my first week of summer vacation plaing catch up on some of the knitting I have cast aside to write finals, prep students, grade finals, write progress reports, and end the school

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Estes Park Wool Market - What a day!

Well, I'm back - got caught in some rain on the way back - and it was an amazing day. I'm thinking next year we should have a men's knitting retreat in Estes Park the weekend of the wool market.

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Estes Park Wool Market

I just remembered yesterday that this is going on this weekend. I'm about to hop on the motorcycle and ride up there.

June 12th

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MWK makes the Denver Post!

So a few weeks ago a reporter from the Denver Post emailed me asking for an interview for an article she was writing about men and crafting.

June 12th

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Square 12 LTKA aka The Harlequin

Hello Gents and though I am with the Flu I had finished square 12 it is the Harlequin Square , I don't know when I qwill; resume the other squares, but this flu is brutal and I have my time limited.

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Ok, it isn't anything fancy (really!); but I've used a similar room a lot during our denominational conference, and it works fine.

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I'M A GRANDMA!!!!! again

May I present Geoffrey Ryan, 4.3kilo, 56cm. or 9lbs 8oz and 22inches long to the great unwashed.

June 11th

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Grrrr...maybe someone could assist me in the successful posting of a blog picture.

I said I could knit, I never said anything about blogging and uploading and whatnot.