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June 17th

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You Know You're a Knit Maniac When....

You find out your friend is pregnant and you're not immediately happy for them; you're happy because you get to knit baby stuff.

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just checking

just testing photo uploads.

nope - won't let my upload photos or attach files.

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Is there a problem?

Does anyone know of a site problem that is causing me to not be able to post pictures?

June 16th

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Chicago Yarn Stores?

Hello Gentlemen,

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Rambling Rows Baby Blanket (revised)

I'm told pictures can now be added - so I'm trying to add them now!

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My version of Faux Lace

Mum liked the colors. I almost cried at the festival stand. Mum thought they matched a blouse she owns. I thought I'd ditch a pair of patriotic socks and make her a shawl.

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Wrap It Up

I had trouble uploading a picture, you can find it here:

The original idea for this scarf is in Simply Knitting, Issue 54, May.

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The 411 on the Cast-off with a smooth edge.

For a double rib, beginning with K2;

June 15th

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Progress on the Irish scarf

So I spent most of the afternoon working on that increase and eventual decrease. I really like that section now that I see what it looks like.

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Man Enveloped by Sweater...Pictures at 10 on Ravelry....

The pictures are on Ravelry, avatar name there is Skybuck. Loaded up there with no problem. What's with that?