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June 19th

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Hey everyone,

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Knitting in Iceland?

Hey there - we were going to Mali (West Africa) in July/August but now we might change our plans and go to Iceland instead. Anyone been? Or know of a farm/LYS/wool manufacturer we should go visit?

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Perception v. Reality

You know the button on the elevator that supposedly closes the door and moves you on your way? Ever watch the suffering fools press them repeatedly to "speed" things along?

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Knitting is good for your health

CBS news has done a story on knitting as a miraculous new health remedy!
Check it out:

June 18th

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Knitting Needle Guage

So, the longer that I knit, the more needles I accumulate. I'm afraid that eventually I will misplace the packaging and not know what size the needles are.

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Watching the watched KIP

Design of next Afghan

Honeycomb-Slip/Wicker Stitch Afghan

  • Craft : Knitting
  • Made for     : Myself
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    Cruise Ship here I come!

    Driving down to Baltimore today; tomorrow we board for a cruise up and down the East coast.


    Doubt I'll be online - c'ept maybe tonight/tomorrow morning.

    June 17th

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    To My Fellow Pointers In NYC

    Dear Ellissa from The Point looks in fine fettle from her trip to Peru. I visited her on her first day at Annie's on Madison and 93rd.

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    More 411 on that cut-edge castoff

    Had to share this convo with Buck Strong

    > Mark: Would you only use this for a 2x2 rib or is it good for all edges?
    > Thanks
    > Buck