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June 21st

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floor rug [plus my google-fu isnt powerful lately]

im considering knitting a floor rug / carpet since i live in a completely wooden floor boarded house.

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Southern Maine Pride

...we had a 900 foot long flag this year. It just keeps getting bigger and more pieces get attached every year.

June 20th

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Where I knitted this week

I spent Thursday, Friday, and part of today knitting with this as my view. Are you jealous?

It's true what they say...the camera really does add 70 pounds.

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New Knit Night Tonight in Portland, Oregon

Hello one and all. For those of you who live in or near Portland, Oregon. I am organizing a new knit night starting tonight from 5 pm to 10 pm at Posies Cafe in the Kenton Neighborhood.

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I'm messing with Texas.

I've moved from Oakland, CA to Austin, TX!

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Totally OT

But way to fun to pass up!

June 19th

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Yarn shops in Northeastern Wisconsin / Door County?

I'm heading north in a few weeks, and would love to find some treasures of yarn shops in NE Wisconsin/Door County area. If you can recommend any, please pass on their names and locations.

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estimating amount per a ball

im making up a design and i need to know if i have enough materials for it before i start.
is there any way you can figure out how many balls you need?

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Obsessed with Filati Magazine--Anybody know how I can get my hands on a copy?

Hi everybody,
I'm a first time poster, sort of a novice knitter (I've been knitting for about a year). I'm always on the prowl for fashion-forward men's patterns and today ran across something called Filati magazine online...

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First Spinning Knit Up...

I got a spinning wheel from my wife for Christmas/Birthday (I've only just received it because the self-imposed rule was that I couldn't get it until I was finished with my D.Min., and I just graduate