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May 20th

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My humble comfort square offering

Meh. It's not much... The picture's lousy, but it's a zig-zag rib pattern.

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The Knitting Gods?

Now Scottly's recent frogging disaster sparks another name: The Knitting Gods! Keep adding to the list, guys!

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Seriously OT

Anyone out there ever heard of this? Has anyone got plans to register and attend?

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Jason's squares

I've made a total of 8 squares. The will go in the mail today. Here's one of my favorites.

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Baby Surprise Jacket

So, I'm thinking about taking a stab at the "Baby Surprise Jacket." The pattern says to use 3oz of Shetland Wool. I know that many of you have done this pattern.

Ripping Stitches

Last night, I found a screw-up in an early row of a fairly long scarf.

May 19th

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The beginning of my dreadlock obsession...

I came across the fall 2007 issue of Interweave magazine a couple of months ago now and decided I needed to immedicately make this hat!


So I've decided to make my Dad a tie (or hopefully a set of three) by his birthday in October.

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Squares for Jason's Blanket

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Packages are arriving for Jason's Blanket! mad! seriously! I am amazed at the outpouring of action our little knitting community is exhibiting!