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May 26th

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sock cuff bind off

I've done socks before, but always cuff down. I'm just about done with my first sock that is toe up. I don't know how to bind off. Is there a special way to do it so it will be elastic?

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finished one blanket

i dont like it as i somehow picked up some pink and navy wool when it was supposed to be only red/grey/black/white leftovers. must have had a bad colourblind day.So its going to be my dogs blanket. and he needs one so its all good. Even if he doesnt look so impressed in the progress photo.

Now im onto my next blanket....

May 25th

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Unreasonably long

Much like I failed to correctly calculate the length of my afghan, I also recently miscalculated the length of this garter-stitch scarf I was knitting lengthwise.

belated hello

I actually joined a while ago but got lost in the two socks at a time. They are done and the recipient is thrilled. Can't wait to try some of the amazing things I see you doing.

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Anyone have plans to attend this event? Would love to meet up with any MWK guys who might be there.


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Blarsen here. I was taught to knit by my Mom when I was 6 but promptly forgot about it when faced with the scorn of my playmates.

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Kimono Shawl

So here I am vacationing in Taos and what do I do - block a shawl. I finished it on the drive up here and couldn't wait to get home to block it.

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I finished my 3Suisses cardigan sweater

It was great to get a whole sweater done again. It's been a while since I've committed to a complete project.

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Men's Knitting Retreats

Just thought I'd provide an update on the most recent East Coast Men's Spring Knitting Retreat, and let everyone know about my plans for the West Coast Men's Fall Knitting reverse order.

May 24th

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One little square

I'm so slow I could only get one square done for the blanket. I chose the Candle Flame pattern out of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.