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Color matching

I don't know if I'm remembering correctly, but I think sometime back someone posted a link for a website that shows you colors that go with the color you choose. Does anyone remember this?

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6 other squares

Attachments weren't attaching, so the other 6 are combined in this image. The left blue square is a small basketweave pattern and the right blue one is a chevron pattern with knits and purls.

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2 of the squares for Jason

Didn't have too much going on this past weekend so I was able to make several squares and happy that I was able to.

You go without internet access for a week, and look what you miss

I'm not sorry I had a brief vacation, but I do seem to have missed quite a bit around here.

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Dear all....

Jonathan has been keeping me posted on all the lovely words about me here, and I decided that I simply had to write something myself.

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Where's my b***dy yarn?