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Squares For Jason

I made one Crochet ( Top left unblocked), two knit (Top Right Block Garter Stitch Harlequin Square), Our DPNS easy to make Square( bottom unblocked) and they will be ready for mailing before Friday,

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Better luck next year....

I came in dead last at the fishing derbywith the smallest fish. I won a hat. Oh well.

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Canada: Lion's Brand

Has anyone in Canada found a place to buy Vanna's Choice?

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Bespoke Raglan Stitch-calculating Spreadsheet

The attched two files are a spreadsheet and description document I've put together. They help you determine how many sts you need for a custom-fit, top-down, any yarns/needles raglan sweater.

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Squares For Jason's Blanket

I finished my 2nd square for the blanket we are making Jason and thought I would show a picture.

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A very odd donation indeed...


Now that I have said that...and I know that they are probly setting on

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Two Months of Knitting

Here is my latest completed project. Other than a sock (which I have to rip out) I have knitted on very little else than this for two months.