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My first handspun yarn

I went with a bunch of women on a trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

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A Curious Thing

I've noticed a curious thing- when I have a limited time available for knitting, say ten minutes until it's time to leave for work, I find myself attending to and savoring each individual stitch.

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Squares for Jason on the way . . .

Two squares for Jason's blanket is on the way to the west coast.

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Help...can a "fried blocked" square be saved?

I finished my first square for Jason, and during blocking, I had the not so great idea of using a hot steam iron on a wet piece.

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Another square off the needles

So here's my second square for the Jason blanket. I might have enough left for a third square although I'm not sure. This might be it for me. Now I get to mail them off!!!