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April 15th

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Recommendation needed

Hi, Guys ---

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Here is my first attempt at Designing

Well here it is my first attempt at designing a pullover for myself using one of Kieran Foley's designs.

April 14th

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I am a new member here.

Hi everyone. I am a new member here, but not new to knitting. My mother taught me to knit and crochet 32 years ago. I worked on projects off and on during all those years.

April 13th

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Welcome to the 21st Century....

So, inspired by the previous post, and a long running curiousity about felting, I decided to order the pattern for the felted clogs. So I log into Fiber Trends, and place my order. What?

April 12th

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This could be you...

if you make Fiber Trends Clog pattern and have not yet felted them. Or if you don't check your gauge LOL. The post from a couple of weeks ago go me inspired to get a pair made for myself.

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Well, this is my first post.....

This is my first post. I've been around for quite a while, but always afraid to post anything. I made this for my friend's baby.

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My latest

This sweater is going to be like a Robin Hood tunic, minus the tights and belt! haha

April 10th

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Easter Chicks

Two little chicks with eggs knitted for my brother and sister for Easter. An alternative to chocolate!!

April 10th

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I'm back from wherever I went--with a lot more FO's under my belt!

Ok, so I've been in a lot of transition the past couple months. My apologies for not being around. While I think cables are delightful, my new best friend is lace.

First post!

So, basically, I want to go about knitting a cardigan for myself. I can picture the whole thing in my head but