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April 18th

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New Pattern

Here is a picture of a a knit and purl "checkerboard" pattern I am starting on... 4 knit 4 purl repeat....I like the texture and pattern. I am using Cascade 220 yarn on number 5 needles.

April 17th

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Here are some pic's of my LYS and also the place I work three days a week (I am supposed to be retired lol). I am no photographer so please excuse the poor quality.

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Latest Pair Of Socks

I had some Bartlett's "Natural" that just kept screaming at me to be balled from the skein and then knit.

Apparently, it wanted to become socks.

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Antiques Afghan

My grandmother made this for me before she passed. She wrote all of the patterns but they have since been lost. I hope to recreate them as I get time so I can make this afghan for myself.

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toe up increases

So I am starting (practicing) my first pair of toe up socks (I have done cuff down already). I am having problems with the increases.

April 16th

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Happy Thursday.

Hi guys. Tonight was knit night at my LYS. Had great time as usual. I really like going to knit night. It's like therapy for me.

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Cat Hat

A friend of mine at work just had a baby. I remembered the Cat Hat that OtterTO posted a while back and thought it would make the perfect gift.

Quick Intro

Hey guys,

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I loves mitts.

Here's the deal. My landlady has a job that has her trudging around in miserable weather trying to mess with a darned GPS.

April 15th

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LTKA Square 3

The Basket weave Square from the Barbara Walker book is a very interesting square and one of the most beautiful textures.