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April 26th

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Finally off the needles!!!!!

Here it is off the needles and being blocked. I could have blocked it large but have no surface large enough. Please excuss the pic titles I forgot to change them lol.

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my sock obsession

Because I'm going to the Sock Summit in Portland with my friends Bill, Andy, Beth and Ben, I decided that I needed to know how to make socks via all three methods: dpns, magic loop and two circs.

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A Question

for the mathematically minded among us: if I knit a certain project using a certain yarn on a particular size needles, and then knit the same project again (edit: knit to the same dimensions {Thanks,

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Pink Ribbon Socks for ACS Relay for life

I just finished these socks for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event next month. I made these purple which signifies pancreatic cancer which took my sister three years ago.

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RIP Bea Arthur

Thank you for being a friend.

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Update on Jason1978

Hey guys...

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What now?

Now that my socks are done (I added a few more pics and words), I've decided to scratch the itch and knit up my own Hemlock Ring Blanket.

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Here is another

Just a scarf

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Just a Cardigan

Thought I would share some of my projects

April 25th

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Is He Handsome?...Or Is He Knitting Pattern Handsome?

I have found Jane Ellison's Queensland Collection Book 9 to be one of the few design books I have chosen to purchase. Why?