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April 28th

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My Sunday afternoon knitting group, Carolina Flyers on Ravelry, somehow got "volunteered" to make wristbands for the Carolina Rollergirls (our local flat track roller derby team) about two weeks ago.

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LTKA Square 5

Diagonal ribbing is a wonderful ribbing for a sweater. It is easy to make and it is just another wonderful square for us to look at. I will be making 3 more then I will stop until June.

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the other new shawl

The other new shawl from last night's knitting meeting is a Sabbath shawl in 100% cotton, Williamsburg blue.

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One new shawl

I submitted 2 new shawls last night at church. The first one is Cherry leaf pattern in 100% wool.

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Update on Jason

I don't mean to keep everyone upset about this but knowledge is power... here's the most recent email (from this morning)


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My latest project

This is a 3Suisse pattern - who have gone out of business. They had great men's patterns. And great pattern books.

April 27th

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Some good news...

I would like to post some good news. It may help to hear that not all news is bad news....... !

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There must be something in the water!?!

Well, they say misery loves company! I, too, have been going through a SEVERE rough patch!

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Me and the Buddah

A picture of Me and the Budah or the Buddha and me, you take your pick. @ Jumpin Java Coffee House Street Patio,139 Noe Street , San Francisco California!

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More socks?

I don't know what is going on in my life right now, so many things are not going well. With Jason1978, I can only hope.