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Looking For A Good Sock Book

Hey Guys,

My first lace shawl...finally!

About, oh, six months ago or so, I posted regarding the lessons my first lace project were teaching me. As I recall, MMario chastised me at the time for not posting any pictures.

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Current Yarn

There has been some interest expressed in the yarn I am knitting with right now, so here it is: Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada. They are at

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Learn to knit Afghan Knit Along Has started!

Learn to knit Afghan Knit Along using Barbara G. Walker Book!

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first sock!

Here's the socks I am working on. I am following a pattern to the best of my ability. The yarn is from my stash.

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Yes, I went there...

...and created a facebook quiz!

What kind of sweater are you?

...this unemployment thing has REALLY gotten to my head.