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March 23rd

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Coming to DC today for the week

Are there any good (or even mediocre) meet-ups in DC that I should try to attend?

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3+ hours of knitting, end result, rip it all out and start again!

So one of my friends is always making these nice little bunny blankets for infants/toddlers. Well a friend of mine is having a baby so I decided to make one.

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General Update

This has plenty of non-knitting related content, but I'll open with an actual knitting query...

I finished my afghan about a week ago, but the reason I haven't posted any pictures of it is due to the fact that I haven't been able to block it...well, that and the fact that my best buddy is still in possession of my camera, which he's been using for his college photography courses. The problem I'm having is HOW to block the afghan.

March 22nd

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OMG!! I am so freaking excited I literally jumped up and down, flapping my hands like a plum fool while screaming like a pre-adolescent Japanese school girl on fire!!

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stitch patterns

This is a fun site,

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Variations on a theme

OK so I really like this hat pattern, what can I say, it's fun to play with. My husband made the buttons for me.

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Martha Stewart's Yarn Show airs tomorrow

Just to let you guys know that Martha's airing a yarn show. As part of it, I think she's going to the Lion Brand factory to have designers show how they come up with new yarns.

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willy warmer - not pornographic but open with care

I finished this project a month camera has been playing up ... not recharging properly, not turning on ... and then when it does turn on, my teaching partner seems a pic of me having sex...

March 21st

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Alan Dart Patterns It's a Yorkie

For those of you who like this guy's work, he is now seeling downloadable patterns starting at $ 3.72 or £ 2.5 ( at this moment) , I will be purchasing more when he get's the more in April.

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First timer

After 1) being away from this site way too long - shame on me -, 2) rigorously sticking to stockinette and garter stitch projects and 3) enviously eyeing MMario en Kerry's works of art, I'm proudly pr