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February 12th

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Ball Winder Winner

I checked my email tonight and to my joy I found out I was the winner of the ball winder raffled by William. It was such a surprise. I can't wait to get it.

February 12th

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Running behind, as usual.....

I designed this back in December - though of course I haven't even cast on yet.

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My partner brought home all of this!

Its nearly all acrylic DK! He doesn't really know what he's doing when if comes to fibre... but it was a sweet thought. He is a theatre designer and the wardrobe were going to throw it all away.

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Sadly, not my work

My partner has just finished the first section of the Unst Lace Shawl, a 38 row with 10 repeats pattern in cobweb cashmere knitted on 2.25mm.

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Cupcakes for a knitter‏

a friend sent me this link.

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At local time of 2:00 a.m.

February 11th

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Do I want to subscribe to Creative Knitting?

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Diagonal Striped Bathroom Rug

I finally finished my bathroom rug. I started last Fall on a coiled version, ripped it out twice and found this stitch to use instead.

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Half Continental

I knit in a very odd way, I call it half continental. I have the yarn in my left hand, and throw it with my left hand as well. So it is not english, and not continental....somewhere half way there.

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Stash is Growing

I have a question for you guys. When I go to my LYS I always end up seeing some great yarn that I just have to buy.