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February 15th

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Tricksy's Sweater

I finished this cute little cabled sweater from Dogs in Knits this weekend - in all honesty, it was supposed to fit my cat (yes, I'm one of THOSE people who puts sweaters on my cat!) - anyway, it turn

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Holiday is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.... I arrived back yesterday and am missing the sun already. Had a wonderful and productive vacation (knitting of course).

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Another Felted Scarf

I got the Idea for this scarf from the fierce, fabulous and slightly whacky Sajata-e on Youtube
her project was called Fake a knit tweed scarf, LAZY

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Knit or Crochet Yamulke

Does anyone have a pattern or know where I can get a pattern to either knit or crochet a yamulke ? My partner wants me to make him one and I am having difficulty finding a pattern.

February 14th

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Invisible increases....


Am working with a hand painted yarn... almost fingering weight... merino wool by Koigu... Love it! Love the fine stitches.


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What A Surprise!!!

I recieved the package from William with the Ball Winder and to my surprise there was and enormous amount of beautiful yarn included.

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Cascade 220 Color Swatches

I love Cascade 220 yarn. So many beautiful, rich, saturated colors to choose from. As my stash growns, so does the challenge of selecting combinations of colors for future projects.

February 13th

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Miniature Sweaters In Action!!!

Thanks to Spinningdude's link to the miniature sweaters video, I fell so much in love with the whole Coraline thing.

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Latest Project

I've been knitting a Faire Isle sweater in twelve colors...used the wrap, wrap, unwrap technique to avoid all the issues of snagging yarn on the reverse side. Coming along beautifully.

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Future travel

Things have taken a turn for the better lately and it looks like I'll finally be able to take a week's vacation in Sacramento, CA to visit some friends.