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January 21st

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Peruvian wool chain link pullover

This is my most ambitious project yet. I am happy with the results...made it to wear to Colorado for a visit this winter.

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Online Stitchionary

Not sure how many people are aware of

New Knitting Organizer

So there I was at Home Depot looking for some air filters and just poking around when I happened across the tool box section.

January 20th

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Reversible Hat

Here is my reversible hat of which I am very proud! Only took about a week to complete. It is lovely and warm and obviously reversible. Think I may try and knit my sister one...

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Some of my work

Just some of my past work!

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Hello from Wales, U.K.!

A relatively new knitter who is still learning with about a 20 year gap after learning from my Grandmother!

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Japanese Waves in Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine

I just finished this yesterday. I had been itching to start another lace project and after several failed starts at other patterns, this one actually came to be.

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New Scarf and New Hat

Here is a scarf I just finished. Also, a hat in the same colors that I am working on. My first project in the round.

Blanket Finished

Over the holidays I finished this blanket. It's a nice double knit blanket done in some really nice yarn I found in a specialty shop. I think it turned out nice.

January 19th

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My Swap Scarf Arrived!

The package actually came on Friday, but today was the first chance I had to take some pictures. Thank you Jonathan for the scarf and the chocolates.