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January 23rd

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teenage nephew mobius scarf

a holiday gift for nephew. made up my own version of mobius.

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Asherton Scarf

I just posted a new post about a scarf pattern called the Asherton Scarf, that I just loved knitting. I want to do more of these!


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Recent Projects...Hats!

Well I'm tired of making hats now, but these I made to sell at a local gift shop on consignment...

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Men in Knits

The pattern for the chain link pullover is in Men in Knits. I wasn't sure about the ribbed sleeves but chose to see it through. I do like the finished sweater...very warm in Peruvian wool.

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My first decent looking scarf.

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Questions for a Survey about Men who Knit

I'm working on developing my survey for the Knitting: Men in America project and I thought I shoud ask you (since you're all men who knit haha) what question(s) you might ask or want to know about oth

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A birthday gift to you...

It's my birthday today and I'd like to offer a present to one of you....

(no, this isn't a thinly veiled attempt to get birthday wishes from you all).

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been a while

Hey it's been forever since I've posted here, my bad. I'm trying to get back into some good habits.

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Hat Pattern Help

I was hoping some of you guys could help me locate a hat pattern with a gansey band. Ideally it would begin with a patterned gansey band, then be plain hat from there on up.

Thanks a million.

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robot scarf

just finished my first illusion scarf. I just love the fact that when your wearing people don't notice the robots at first, but when they do there like how did you do