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December 14th

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surgery update

hey all,

December 13th

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Raised Stripe?

I bought a sweater this weekend while out Christmas shopping. I didn't notice until I got home that it has some raised stripes on it, and I can't figure out how they did it.

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Oooo Baby Baby!

Commissioned baby blanket based on the 20+ year old tunisian Crocheted blanket that belongs to Baby-momma. The yarn is Berocco Comfort, with Cascade 220 superwash for the tassels.

December 12th

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A not-so-fine-gauge sweater update

Thanks to everyone's input, I'm happy to announce that my dad's Christmas vest is beginning to take shape.

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Issues with lace

Hello, fellow knitters. I am starting a new lace project and I have no idea really how to interpret the pattern. There is one portion of a row that requires 4 yarn overs in succession.

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health update

thanks again for all the warm kindness shown toward my health. the update is 6 long hours of surgery, none of which i remember, were apparently successful.

December 11th

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More Project Runway Marathon

More from the repair-retailor table.

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Messiah Knitting Bags???

Dear MWKs,

December 10th

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Yet another knitting query

ok so I am getting closer to having this sweater done. I have seamed the sleeves on, and almost finished with the ribbing collar.

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Carlito Cardigan

Dudes of Knitting: How are things? It's flipping cold here; a lovely 13 degrees this morning. Anyway, have any of you done the Carlito Cardigan or know someone who is?