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November 7th

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Help In My Quest...

for the perfect shoulder in a sweater.

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No stitch?

I have a pattern for what's called "Tiger Eye Lace Scarf" - the pattern is only in chart form and on the chart there are these grayed squares and the key says that the grayed squares are "no stitch".

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FO - Iceland Lopi "Fugl" sweater

After binding off four times, I'm satisfied with the tubular cast off method. I liked learning how to do it and it works well I think.

November 6th

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Men knitting

Somewhere (I think it was on this site) there was a link to an article about men knitting. I can't find it now....

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Knitting through the curtain of death

Ok, that might be an overly dramatic title.

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Kumo is coming along.

I will definitely be bringing it with me to the Retreat. I figure there will be some expert seamers there!

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sold a blanket

I sold my first baby blanket today. The yarn was purchased and provided to me (acyrlic.... oh well). It has a seed stitch border and the main pattern is a basket weave.

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Black Bramble Leaf Scarf

I knit this using 2/18 Zephyr 50/50 wool silk on US #3 needles. It took approximately 380 yards to make the scarf 8"x80".

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Urban felted cushion

Well, again, I'm off into an experimental project.

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Safe at Home

So after three grueling days of driving through mountains (hey, I'm a flatlander, what do you expect?) I have arrived safe and sound in Southern California.