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November 13th

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distressing topic

Dear all,

I know that this is slightly off topic but, knowing what an all-round crafty and creative bunch you all are, thought I'd see if you had any suggestions.

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one row button holes

I am fairly new to knitting garments, mostly having done shawls and scarves, but when this showed up in my knittingdaily message for the day, I was amazed.

November 12th

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Casting on Choice

Hi guys. I am showing a fairly new knitter how to do a scarf 'sideways' in order to show off a couple of great homespun yarns he has.

November 11th

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UK Wool Adventures #2

Thanks to the advice of knitmanaic, I went directly to the two wools that I know are British and looked up where you can buy them. Then I started search for shops! Oh my, that worked quite well.

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Felt felt felt

I can honestly say that although my "Down the Rabbit Hole" project is NOT shaping up in the slightest, it's not a failure.

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well that was a failure.....

My picture didn't change! OOOPs (I am a techno ludite!)


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Being Brave

OK - got sick of hiding behind the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Decided it was time to show my face to this friendly bunch.

From now on you get the real me!


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Veterans' Day

Today, in honour of Veterans' Day, I stayed inside and worked on a design for one of those snazzy envelope hats that you see them wear in pictures.

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Dear Knitasha: Shopworn answers about Love, fiber and other twisted human event questions.

Knitasha Crochet answers MWK member's questions about love, fiber, and other twisted human events.

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Another QOTD

Why does stockinette stitch curl? And what can I change
to maybe minimize the curl?

I've seen some stockinette stitch pieces that just seem to
lay perfectly flat. Mine curl immediately.