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November 16th

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Bi-Lingual Knitting: Translating Charts To Text Or Text To Charts.

I came across two knitting resources that can help lace-makers and cable lovers, particularly.

November 15th

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handy with a sewing machine.

Question directed to those who are really good with sewing machines and sergers.

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Another Shibui Sock

I've gone sock crazy! These are to wear with jeans on cold winter Saturdays.

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Felted Portland Tote Bag

My new knitting bag!

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Here is a pair of socks I made for my Perfect Partner. He even wore them once!

November 14th

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New Pic

Here is a new pic of Don and I, I am trying to upload a new pic to my profile and it an't working.

November 13th

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Getting Back into it

Well I haven't logged into this site for a couple of years now since I have been busy. I finally have the time now to get back into fiber arts.

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unfinished projects

Glad the cool weather has started. I am motivated to finish some WIPs. Working on the sleaves for the Daniel Hoodies from Jane Ellison.

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Long time ago....

Hi all It is such a long time since I have been posting here. I am still knitting, the project in Lebanon is now running and I have been busy in designing. I will post some photos here.

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one more time..

Last time I had blonde moment and posted my address. My bad.