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October 15th

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Sweater Issues Again!

Uggh! Frustration again!

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how much to charge

How much would you all charge for a baby blanket? I have two pending orders for me to complete and they are very willing to pay me :-)

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From mary janes slippers to dish cloths. Now I'm harrassed into making dishcloths. The small projects are kinda satisfying for someone like me to work with.

October 14th

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Knitting Club Funny

I totally, have to tell this story from knitting club yesterday.

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Resurrection Hemlock Ring Throw

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FO - Hemp Wallet

So a coworker saw one of my sweaters and asked "Hey, can you knit a wallet?" I found Michael del Vecchio's pattern, got some hemp yarn and great advice at my LYS (Denver's

October 13th

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Something for Mom

Hello everyone.

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Knits 4 My Girls

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Joel Bison Lace Scarf WIP