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October 17th

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The winter arrive...
the nights are more longer, and it's become colder...
So I knit more the evening...

the last knitting scarf details...

Have a nice autumn to everybody...

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circular needle size question

The pattern I have calls for 16in circular needles. I have a set of circular needles but I don't know the length. How do I measure them to see if they are 16in?

October 16th

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RIP Barry Finn

Shanty Singer, friend. The worlds largest voice and a heart to match in a wiry little body.

The world has lost far more today then it will probably ever know.

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EZ Sweater Help

So I finally did a sweater using EZ's no seam raglan method. All was going well until I got to the collar. I used the percentage method and the body and arms worked out fine.

October 15th

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My Doubled Chullo

Pattern: Doubled Chullo by Kenny Chua
Magazine: Interweave Knits, Holiday Gifts 2009

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Wide-eyed child in the wide world of wool

So today was a day off from school and for I week I had been planning to take a trip to San Antonio's Yarn Barn.

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Ok - I have heard it said before that never refer to knitting as a hobby. Now I know why - It is an obsesssion!

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Pattern Question

Dudes of Most Knowledge:

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Small diameter knitting

What does everyone use when doing small diameter knitting, like a sock. I'm just starting this, and it seems using two circular needles is popular, but I seem to have better luck with DPN.

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Men's Midwest Knitting Retreat

Hello Everyone,